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A simple method to improve the exterior appeal of your house and its security both inside and out is to replace the doorknob and deadbolt on the front entrance. You might not be familiar with how to install a door lock whether you’re setting up a new door or changing a damaged doorknob.

Although the components of a door handle may initially appear to be complicated, replacing a doorknob may be a simple DIY undertaking. You can install the lock securely on your own as long as you have the correct knob and have measured your door.

When Should A Lock Be Changed?

Naturally, you should merely change your lock immediately if you have a broken lock or if you’ve been using one for a while and it has begun to show symptoms of wear and tear. It wouldn’t make sense in this situation to have your locks rekeyed. Making a selection here, though, requires caution because replacing a lock is far more expensive than simply rekeying one.

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If you wish to update your security and choose something more contemporary and safer, like electronic locks, you may also ask the locksmith to alter your locks completely. If you’ve misplaced your lock’s key, replacing it will be less expensive than having it rekeyed. Simply said, it all depends on the situation you are in. For expert advice according to your situation, you should hire a professional door lock installation service provider Call now.

Steps To Change Door Locks

A quick, affordable, and simple approach to feeling more secure about your living situation is to change the locks. You can install a door lock using the instructions mentioned here in over an hour.

Measure For Replacement Lock

Measure the area where the replacement will be installed before you learn how to repair door locks. You should measure the size of the existing holes in your door so that you can choose a new door lock that will fit them. You may get a hole saw kit comprising hole saws and a guide for creating new holes if you need to make or expand existing holes.

Lock installation

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Your door’s present doorknobs are attached via a hole under the plate that surrounds the knob itself. Calculate the distance between the hole’s center and the door’s edge. Some doors are thinner, which is the smallest size that contemporary locksets will support. Use a door reinforcer or a custom-cut plate to solve this. Choose a lock with an identical setback.

Remove The Outdated Hardware And Deadbolt Lock

Find the screws and remove the turn plate and them from the inside side of the lock on the turner. You ought to have a visible hole by this point. You need also to find and remove those screws. To see the side of the lock and the thin portion running along the inside of the door, you should open the door. Remove the door’s remaining lock hardware.

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Install A Fresh Deadbolt

In essence, you will now proceed in the other direction. However, you must pay attention to how the various components are oriented while installing the new deadbolt. The new deadbolt must be installed facing “up”; this is crucial. Thankfully, the word “up” is usually written on the side of modern deadbolts that should be facing up. The result is convenience.

If the lock isn’t labeled, you can figure out its orientation by comparing its parts to the image above. After positioning it correctly, put the lock into the door with its face facing up and latch it securely with the short woodscrews.

Place The Latch

For your new lock to fit exactly, chisel away any irregular recesses in the existing latch. Install the latch into the groove. Wait to add the screws if the new latch fits snuggly into its recess until the other components of the lockset are fitted. If the new latch is having difficulties keeping in its groove, insert the screws, and then tighten them.

Install New Lockset

Ensure that the keyed portion of your new lockset is on the outside when you install it. The outside lockset components should be slid through the latch assembly and into the hole. Slide the inside set onto the outer half of the lockset’s blade while keeping them roughly parallel to the floor. Verify that the new lock’s strike plate aligns with it. Lock installation service is advised to replace the striking plate if it doesn’t.

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Put The Strike Plate in Place

Place the new plate over the latching hole inside the door jamb, aligning it with the hole and perhaps the markings made by the previous strike plate. Verify that the strike plate’s bent edge is towards the direction in which the door swings. Ensure the strike plate screws are tight. Once everything is in place, repeatedly opening and closing the door will allow you to test the new knob.

Door Strike Plate installation

Door Strike Plate


Make the New Lockset Keys

It will take some work and the right equipment to complete this stage, but it will be worthwhile because having keys cut by a professional may be pretty expensive. You should take advantage of this chance to use the extra set of keys the locksmith made for you or to give them to a trustworthy Lock installation service relative.

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Best door lock installation services in CA

Functionality Testing

When locking up or leaving the property, verify your lockset after completing the replacement by using the deadbolt and key to make sure they both function correctly. You must turn the handle of the twin-cylinder locks in both directions to ensure that it can move freely and is not stuck in any direction.

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